Law firm

The firm provides legal counsel and representation for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and business enterprises in the fields of art, advertising and entertainment. I am always pleased to offer independent advice to private individuals in the relevant areas of law.

Backed by 18 years of extensive experience both inside and outside the courtroom, I am exceptionally well acquainted with the specific legal queries, practical particularities and everyday challenges of this area.

A trusting relationship between client and attorney is fundamental for the development of an effective strategy and successful solution. Each consultation includes a detailed evaluation of your particular personal and financial circumstances and requirements, which will inform how the case proceeds.

I represent clients in all German courts except for the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof).  It is important to me to provide detailed yet comprehensible advice, to agree further steps together, to carefully explain the possible risks of a strategy and to weigh up those risks together. I will always assess whether immediate action is required after initial contact regarding time limited or otherwise urgent claims.

‘A thing is not just because it is law. Rather, it must be a law because it is just’. – Montesquieu